Improving communication system


What makes a massive multiplayer strategy game attractive? We believe it is the fact that people have to play together to achieve great things. Weather it's waging war against another clan or distributing resources and runes in an optimal way, communication is essential.

That's why I have started working on a new communication system to replace the old "message box". The new message system will be real time and will use the technology we have developed for the old chat channel.

The new system allows you to contact players in private chat. It also adds a new "clan chat" channel, that only players from your clan can access. The old general chat is, ofcourse, also still available.

Thanks to the button "load older messages" it is now also possible to read the messages you've send ages ago.

The new communication system is live at the test server, so make sure to take a look at it. We're also very interested in your feedback.

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