Dolumar goes 1.1


Good day folks!

Today is a special day for Dolumar. I'm officially announcing the release of Dolumar version 1.1. With this release, we should have taken care of a lot of bugs and we have introduced the Underworld endgame.

So what's new? The servers are reset every 3 months (on speed servers) or every 6 months (on stable servers). The game ends on a big underworld mission where all clans fight for their final place of fame.

Speed server will reset in a few days (after the test endgame is finished) and in about 3 months it's the International server's turn.

We, at CatLab, are very proud to present this product. Over the next few months we will keep fixing bugs and thinking about new features for the next release.

I hope you like our game!

Thijs Van der Schaeghe

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